Who Are We?

Mass Media Games is currently comprised of an extremely talented group of dedicated and experienced individuals who have been in the entertainment software design and development industry since the beginning. We have done every type of game, from arcade to shooters, mini-games to space operas, and mysteries to sports and designed more than 175 mini-games for the Muppets, Shrek, SpongeBob, Pac-Man, Do Unto Others!, Midway 1-3 and the HotZone. We have taken on projects that nobody would touch and successfully ported titles that required the kind of skill that takes decades of experience to obtain.

Porting StarCraft from the PC to the Nintendo 64 was a nearly absurd undertaking and the cartridges sold out in a matter of weeks. We literally sucked assembly code out of arcade machine ROM cartridges and painstakingly re-engineered identical code from scratch for the Namco collections. We dug deep into LISP/GOAL (of all things) to re-program the three Jak & Daxter games (while adding stereoscopic 3D support) for the PS3 from the one known existing copy of running code on a dusty Naughty Dog PC.

These are monumental tasks that were completed by our crack team of seasoned veterans that are unmatched in this industry.

We have the Skills. We have the Brains. And, we have the Drive and Focus to take on any task in the known universe. We've even had one of our original games featured on the cover of Time Magazine! Let us help you build the future one line of code at a time.